COVID-2019 – Update

Our focus: Safety and health while maintaining economic performance

„Maximum safety, maintaining our health and that of our fellow human beings and being there for our business partners!“ – this is the guideline of Sprecher Automation – even during the corona crisis.

At the moment we all are facing personal, but also economic challenges. We would like to assure you, our customers, suppliers and business partners that we continue – in accordance with the legal regulations and measures – to provide advice, inquiries, offers and training, as well as planning, engineering, documentation and project-specific deliveries and services as well as the maintenance of stable  operations of electrical systems, of course also in the critical infrastructure.

In our COVID-2019 update we will give you an overview of our current activities.

Erwin Raffeiner, CEO Sprecher Automation



Since our products are manufactured exclusively at the Sprecher headquarters in Linz / Austria, we have the opportunity to react very flexibly to the rapidly changing conditions. By taking effective measures very early to protect our employees, we are currently enabled to maintain our production without significant restrictions.

Assembling and commissioning

When entering the public space and during on-site activities, we adhere to the prescribed safety measures or additionally required protective measures. Wherever on-site activities cannot be carried out as planned, due to legal or other requirements, we evaluate alternatives together with our business partners.

Sales, engineering and project management

Due to the measures we have taken, we can carry out, here as well, all activities that can easily be executed outside of our premises (e.g. preparation of offers, engineering) as scheduled in telework and all activities that must be executed at our premises (e.g. system tests, other tests) are carried out – in compliance with the highest safety precautions. Alternatively, we can also carry out factory acceptance tests via video conference with appropriate certficates. All our employees can be reached as usual via their contact addresses (telephone or email). In support cases we are of course available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find more information about our support here.


Our training center has switched entirely to webinars and implements web marketing events as well. Not only theoretical basics are taught, but also trainings with practical exercises are carried out. After each webinar, the contents, the recording presentations, the whiteboard sheets and back-ups are made available to the participants via our download area.


Despite the far-reaching effects of COVID-2019, we are currently realising our supplies and services using the measures described. However, since the effects of COVID-2019 cannot be predicted, we ask our customers, suppliers and business partners, as already mentioned, to exchange information that is in the mutual interest as early as possible. Thank you for your support.