Statement Sprecher Automation

Sprecher Automation closely monitors the current developments regarding COVID-2019 (Coronavirus) and follows the recommendations and measures of the national governments and responsible authorities. A crisis management team, set up specifically for this purpose, meets regularly to evaluate and implement the necessary operational regulations. These include protective and hygienic measures, information and instructions for traveling, visits and meetings as well as measures to maintain business operations.

Since the global effects of COVID-2019 cannot be foreseen at the present time and restrictions in the public, private and business environment are also subject to the national regulations, we are constantly responding to the developments in order to provide the best possible protection for all of our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, state and society etc.) and to ensure delivery and services for our business partners in the usual quality. Since our products are exclusively manufactured at the headquarter in Linz / Austria, we also have the possibility to flexibly adapt our measures to the rapidly changing conditions.

We would like to assure you that our operational regulations are made in accordance with the national regulations and our responsibility as a supplier — also for critical infrastructures. Our actions continue to focus on smooth and collaborative cooperation with you and we ask you, to exchange information that is of mutual interest as earliest as possible. Thank you for your support.