On the way to the digital future with Sprecher Automation


Sprecher Automation’s presentation at this year's HMI was all about digital trends. The main focus at the booth in Hall 12 was on the "Digital Substation" and "IT Security". The visitors were able to test the latter live by pulling the plug and trying to manipulate the system.

Erwin Raffeiner, Managing Director of Sprecher Automation: "Our devices and systems are primarily used in the most critical of the critical infrastructures - power supply. That's why we attach great importance to all aspects of IT security - after all, our customers rely on us! We acquired the appropriate expertise at an early stage and developed our products with a focus on cybersecurity."With the digital substation, Sprecher Automation cast a view into the future, which in some pilot projects has already become the present. The advantages of such a digital substation are obvious: "Network operators benefit from digitisation in terms of security alone. There is no process voltage in the control room and there is no danger from open current transformer circuits," explained Raffeiner. "You also require much less 'copper' and less space for the secondary equipment, with shorter turn-off times and faster system commissioning." The first digital substation realised by Sprecher Automation went into operation in 2017 in Scandinavia. "Our customer is very satisfied and is continually expanding the system. Two more projects will be completed for other customers in 2019 and 2020. How fast this new technology will prevail and prove itself depends on the further operational experience of these pilot customers and the price development compared to the state-of-the-art technology," said the Managing Director of Sprecher Automation.

Another highlight at the booth was the controller unit SPRECON-E CP-2500. This 17-inch touch panel allows station operation without a PC. In network stations or substations that do not require complex, close-up operation, the CP-2500 offers a cost-effective alternative that enables on-site personnel to keep track of the entire system. The IT security risks associated with a PC system are completely eliminated, because the panel is directly connected to the (station) control unit and receives its display data and information from it.

Overall, Sprecher Automation had a positive experience at HMI 2019: "We were able to make valuable new contacts and enter into partnerships. In the talks with new and existing customers, some interesting projects have been announced, which we are very happy about," summed up Raffeiner, head of Sprecher Automation. Visitors from forty countries took the opportunity to find out more about the company during the five days of the fair.


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