The Profile of the Expert

Starting at its headquarters in Linz (Austria), Sprecher Automation GmbH has turned into an international enterprise with eleven locations: Austria, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

As an innovative and independent provider, Sprecher develops and provides switchgears and automation solutions to power utilites, industries and infrastructure companies.

Our commitment to innovation and hence to developing new automation products for world-wide applications guarantee long-term sustained company development and therefore a secure future.

Despite growth, our key values such as customer orientation and flexibility are continually strengthened and our independency is kept preserved.

Statement of the owners

Our vision that we have been following since the company foundation in 2002 ...

“Long-term sustained development of Sprecher Automation into an established and independent provider of power supply solutions as well as automation solutions for national and international customers completed by further driving the positive market image of Sprecher & Schuh, our predecessor”

... is the basis for our success and will also guide the future development of Sprecher Automation.