Case Studies Energy Automation

Errection of the Substation Zeltweg for the Austrian Power Grid (APG)

Turnkey solution for 110/15 kV (Substation Tullnerfeld, ÖBB Infrastruktur)

MV switchgear (double busbar) with redundant station control (Substation Nord, Wels Strom)

MV switchgear (double busbar) and switchgear interlocking devices (Substat. Wasserturm, enercity)

Medium voltage switchgear (duplex) and station control system (Substation Windischbach, Kärnten Netz GmbH)

Medium voltage switchgear (double busbar) with one-box solutions (Substation West, IKB)

Protection, control and telecontrol systems with local HMI (Substation Heiligenstadt, Wiener Netze GmbH)

Protection and Control Systems for 220 kV and 20 kV switchgears of the pumped storage power plant (Reißeck II, VERBUND Hydropower AG)

Control and protection systems based on IEC 61850 (UW SOEST 2, STEDIN/Eneco)

Retrofit of the 110 kV and integration of the 20 kV switchgear (Substation Dürnrohr, EVN AG)

Overall retrofit of the secondary systems (UW Moabit, Vattenfall Europe Berlin)

Redundant station control with local HMI (UW Neukölln & Wittenau, Vattenfall Europe Berlin)

SCADA retrofit and medium voltage switchgear with secondary systems (Stadtwerke Schwaz)

SCADA Systems & RTUs for 60/10 kV stations (Sydfyns Elforsyning A/S)

SCADA Systems & RTUs for the city area of Amstetten (Stadtwerke Amstetten)

SCADA for substations, transformer stations and station control systems (Stadtwerke Mössingen)

Automatic switching, motor drive automatics, control systems for HV/MV supply (Holborn Europa Raffinerie)

Power control system and control center (Borealis Agrolinz Melamine)

Remote terminal units and control systems for gas grid nodes (gas pipeline "Südschiene", Netz Niederösterreich GmbH - EVN Gruppe)

Telecontrol System for the new gas pipeline „Südschiene“ and „Westschiene“ (Netz Niederösterreich GmbH, EVN Group)

Modern operating control and monitoring systems (Power plant Timelkam, Energie AG)

Process control and visualisation (Industrie Du Bois Vielsalm)