SCADA and Station Control Systems for Stadtwerke Mössingen (Municipal Utility)

Example screens of the new SCADA

The municipal utility Mössingen (approx. 50 km south of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg) operates the power grids of Mössingen, Bästenhardt, Belsen and Bad Sebastiansweiler and also – since 01-01-2009 – the power grids of Öschingen and Talheim.

Sprecher Automation delivered SPRECON-E station control systems for the substations of Dachtel and Öschingen as well as the SPRECON-V460 SCADA, which covers the substations an all local distribution transformer stations. Hence, all power supply stations of the Stadtwerke Mössingen can be now controlled and monitored by the new SCADA.

Beside project management, Sprecher Automation also commissioned all components and the overall system.

The following facts were relevant to the customer's decision in favour of Sprecher Automation:

  • System flexibilty regarding future extensions
  • Easy and intuitive operation and handling
  • Application of an approved solution
  • Easy parameterisation
  • Highest reliability
  • Continuous efficiency

All systems were fully put into operation at the beginning of 2011.