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Station Control Retrofit for the Substation SOEST 2 (STEDIN/Eneco)


Renewal of the control and protection systems inluding local HMI, based on IEC 61850

As a subsidiary of ENECO Holding, STEDIN B.V. (Rotterdam) operates the power and gas supply of ENECO. ENECO is one of the leading power utilities in the Netherlands which supplies around 2.1 million customers with power and natural gas.

The supply network covers the western Netherlands with the conurbations of The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam, the largest seaport in the world.

Because of rising energy needs, the substation was extended by an additional power transformer (150/50 kV) by the end of 2008.

Due to the fact, that the existing station control system, which was installed in the nineties, could not be extended, new control and protection systems are required for the complete substation.

After tendering procedures throughout the European Union, Sprecher Automation received the order for the retrofit of the complete secondary systems of the substation.


SPRECON-E-P-D6: combined control and protection devices

Renewal of the control and protection systems including local HMI workstation, based on IEC 61850

The project covers:

  • Renewal of the overall control and protection systems including local HMI workstation for all switchgears of the substation
  • Installation of the new secondary systems into the existing protection and control cubicles
  • Installation of a new station LAN based on IEC 61850 with optical fibres
  • New design of circuit diagrams as well as adaption of existing diagrams
  • Erection and commissioning of the new secondary systems by simultaneously sustaining operation of the substation


The following SPRECON control and protection systems are included in the delivery for the substation (based on IEC 61850):

  • SPRECON-E-C station units, bay computers and gateways (protocol converters)
  • Combined control and protection devices (SPRECON-E-P-D6) for distance and overcurrent-time protection
  • SPRECON-V460 HMI workstation


Additionally, protection devices and voltage regulators of other manufacturers are also implemented into the IEC 61850-based automation system by Sprecher Automation.

SPRECON-V460: station overview of SOEST 2


These retrofit procedures led to the following benefits for STEDIN:

  • State-of-the-art station control according to IEC 61850 for secondary systems in switchgears
  • Future-proof system with continuous extension possibilities
  • Full integration of protection and control in one system
  • Highest availability due to multi-ring topology and redundant station control
  • Seamless integration due to station LAN and SCADA connections based onTCP/IP
  • Open interfaces for products of other manufacturers due to exclusive application of the international standard protocols IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-104


The project started in July 2008. The high voltage system was put into operation in October 2009.

All medium voltage systems were implemented by Joulz BV – a subsidiary of ENECO – during full operation of the substation, which is operated by the end customer STEDIN.


SPRECON-E station control and protection system for the substation SOEST 2