Station Control Retrofit for the Substations Neukölln & Wittenau of Vattenfall Europe Distribution Berlin GmbH


Overall retrofit of the secondary systems

Vattenfall Europe is one of the leading power utilities in Germany. It provides extraction and electrification of cost-efficient domestic coal, hydropower and nuclear power generation as well as power transmission and trade.

Vattenfall Europe provides electricity and heat to the cities of Berlin and Hamburg on a 24-hours base.

For the retrofit of the secondary systems of the 110 kV GIS switchgears in the substations of Neukölln and Wittenau, Vattenfall Europe Distribution Berlin GmbH needed a competent partner for the realisation of their high-level safety requirements:

  • New secondary systems for both substations including cabling works
  • New circuit plans in consideration of the existing 38 years and 36 years old GIS switchgears
  • New local HMI workstations
  • New control cabinets
  • Implementation of a modern control system with integrated switchgear interlocking and synchro-check functionalities
  • New interface to the control center

As a specific challenge, operation had to be sustained during the retrofit works, which particularly concerned the interaction of the new control system with the existing technology.

In autumn 2005, Sprecher Automation received the order for the retrofit works of the two substations.


Old versus new control cabinet in the Neukölln substation
SPRECON-E-C bay computers
Redundant HMI workstation (SPRECON-V) and SPRECON-E-CP colour display with high resolution (identical to HMI screen)

Overall retrofit of the secondary systems

The high-level quality and safety standards of the modular Sprecher control system (SPRECON-E) acted as a significant factor in favour of the Upper Austrian automation expert.

SPRECON-E guaranteed the implementation of the strict customer requirements.

Because of its long-term experiences in this specific area, Sprecher Automation was additionally authorised to act as the general contractor for all other works such as development and cabling of the new control cabinets.


Control system components for both substations

    • Redundant SPRECON-V HMI workstation (process visualisation)
    • Redundant SPRECON-E-C station computers
    • SPRECON-E-C bay computers with high-resolution colour displays


    Highest safety and availability
    The accomplished retrofit works lead to the following advantages on behalf of the customer:

    • A state-of-the-art control system in compliance with the standards of Vattenfall
    • Improvement of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • Larger and higher available data volumes
    • Secure telecontrol with detailed information
    • Total retrofit of the old and unshielded cables


    As the second in row, the substation of Wittenau was fully put into operation in May 2007.


    details 2

    Schematic diagram of the control systems in the substations of Neukölln and Wittenau