Station Control Retrofit for the Substation Moabit (Vattenfall Europe Distribution Berlin GmbH)


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Overall retrofit of the secondary systems

Vattenfall generates, distributes and sells electricity and heat to approximately six million customers in all of Europe. Vattenfall Europe provides electricity and heat to the cities of Berlin and Hamburg on a 24-hours base.

At the substation of the district heating power plant Moabit, Vattenfall Europe Distribution Berlin GmbH replaced the existing 110 kV outdoor switchgear with a new SF6 gasinsulated switch-gear.

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As a result of this replacement, all relevant secondary systems consisting of control systems and control cubicles had to be renewed, too, which was assigned to Sprecher Automation.

With Sprecher Autmation’s control system SPRECON-E the very strict customer demands could all be met at the highest possible security level, which acted as one of the main decisive factors in favour of Sprecher Automation.


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SPRECON-E-C bay computers at a coupler bay
SPRECON-E-C with integrated optical switch

Overall retrofit of the secondary systems

The control system of the substation Moabit is organised as a distributed system. Beside detection of signals, measured-values and command output, elementary functions such as synchro check, voltage selection scheme for busbar measurement, bay and station interlocking as well as all necessary monitoring functions were also implemented. Furthermore, all protection devices were connected to the new control system.

For centralised local control of the substation, Sprecher Automation installed two control stations at the substation and another control station at the district heating power plant.

The SPRECON-E-C bay computers can be also locally and comfortably controlled and monitored by detachable control panels with full-graphical colour displays.

The images of the displays are identical to the visualisation screens of the control stations.


The benefits
Due to the modern SPRECON-E station control system, Vattenfall Europe Distribution Berlin GmbH faces a number of effective improvements for its power station. The new system allows secure remote operation according to the latest standards.

Furthermore, the new SPRECON-E station control system provides a much larger and more detailed information content of the substation, which on the whole improves supply security.

The system topology was designed as an optical ring according to IEC 60870-5-104.

As a significant system feature, Generic Object Oriented Substation Events (GOOSE) were implemented for interbay communication. By this feature, interlocking tests and busbar vol-tage selections can be accomplished autonomously at the bays, which means that there are no dependencies on a central station computer nor on a certain gateway.

As another feature for this control sytem, all bay computers are equipped with an integrated optical switch.

In September 2008 the first bay of the renewed substation was put into operation. The other bays followed February 2010 according to the Vattenfall schedule.

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Schematic diagram of the control systems in the substation of Moabit

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Overview screen of the substation Moabit