Protection and Control Systems for 220 kV and 20 kV switchgears of the pumped storage power plant Reißeck II (VERBUND Hydropower AG)

Verbund Hydropower AG is Austria's leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe. Verbund generates more than four fifths of its electricity from hydropower, supplemented by thermal power and wind power. Through the efforts of 3,000 employees, Verbund looks after more than 4 million electricity customers and is actively involved in power trading in over 20 countries.

The pumped storage power plant Reißeck II (PSPP Reißeck II) extends the power plant groups Malta and Reißeck/Kreuzeck. Both groups – located in upper Carinthia – consist of seven power plants with a total installed output of 1,029 MW.

Location PSPP Reißeck II (Source: Verbund)

As Reißeck II connects the momentarily separated hydraulic systems of Malta and Reißeck/Kreuzeck, the existing resources can be therefore used more efficiently.

The PSPP Reißeck II produces 430 MW in turbine and pumping mode. It features two machine sets, whereas each set has a reversible Francis pump turbine with a motor generator.

Scheme of PSPP Reißeck II (Source: Verbund)

SPRECON-E Station Control for the 220 kV Switchgears

A 220 kV SF6 switchgear with two unit transformers and one line feeder will be built in the cavern of PSPP Reißeck II. Power transmission to the 220kV outdoor switchgear in Rottau (Malta Hauptstufe) works via a 220 kV line. The control system for the 220kV SF6 switchgear and the 220 kV line feeder in Rottau is realised with SPRECON-E-C components.


Medium voltage switchgears

Verbund Hydropower GmbH will modernise and renew eleven SF6 medium voltage switchgears (10/ 20 kV) with 44 bays in several auxiliary systems of the three power plants Kolbnitz, Rottau and PSPP Reißeck II (partially in high alpine locations, up to 2,400 m above sea level). Sprecher Automation delivers all SPRECON-E control and protection systems.


Control and protection system concepts

As for the first step, seven switchgears with a total of 30 bays will be equipped with SPRECON-E-P one-box solutions for combined protection and control (overcurrent-time and distance protection as well as transformer differential protection). Four switchgears in the area of Kolbnitz will follow afterwards.

Three of the 20 kV systems will be installed in the cavern close to the 220 kV SF6 switchgear. Sprecher Automation delivers SPRECON-E-P one-box solutions for the 20 kV switchgears, transformer-differential protection for the medium voltage transformer as well as the SPRECON-E control system (incl. connection to protection devices) for the 220 kV switchgear.

Sprecher’s control and protection systems in the cavern will go into operation until the end of 2013 and will secure the auxiliary power supply. The power plant itself will be connected to the grid by 2014.

Configuration of control system für switchgear 220/20 kV