Station Control and Telecontrol Systems for the Substation Heiligenstadt of Wiener Netze GmbH


Protection and control systems including local HMI as well as telecontrol retrofit 

The substation of Heiligenstadt (Vienna) is one of the most important nodal points within the grid of Wiener Netze GmbH. The substation supplies the district of Döbling and parts of Brigittenau.

Heiligenstadt is one of the largest 110/10 kV substations of Wiener Netze GmbH. In order to guarantee highest security and availability, the exsiting switchgear was replaced by a new one.

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Within 28 months of construction time, ABB had installed a new 10 kV switchgear. One of the main objectives were highest levels of operating safety and automation.

The existing remote control system was replaced by new SPRECON-E protection and control devices at the 10 kV switchgear. Furthermore, a new SPRECON-E telecontrol system was installed for the 110 kV switchgear.


SPRECON-E-P D6 combined protection and control devices

Protection and control systems as well as telecontrol retrofit

Product and service range

  • Project management and planning of the new control system
  • Station control with HMI control station
  • Bay control with combined protection and control devices at the 10 kV switchgear
  • Serial connection of protection devices and voltage regulator
  • Telecontrol for the 110 kV switchgear
  • Parameterisation and commissioning together with Wien Energie Wienstrom


No downtimes during retrofit
Sustaining grid operation acted as a particular challenge during the substation retrofit. Temporary appliances for group-wise reconstruction had to be installed in order to keep up supply of the feeders. Therefore, operation-affecting downtimes could be avoided.


Implemented protection, control and telecontrol systems

  • Central control cubicle with SPRECON-E control devices
  • Local SPRECON-V460 control station with 3 screens
  • Combined SPRECON-E-P-D6 protection and control devices for the 10 kV switchgear
  • Telecontrol of the 110 kV gas-insulated switchgear with SPRECON-E-C remote control devices
  • Fibre-optic connection of all SPRECON-E bay computers to the station control computers through integrated optical switches
  • Bay computer communication via IEC 61850
  • Redundant connection to the superior control station via IEC 60870-5-104
  • Connection to power distribution board via IEC 60870-5-101
  • Serial connection of arc monitoring, voltage regulation, transformer protection and Petersen control via IEC 60870

Station control system of the substation Heiligenstadt

Operation and monitoring

Several operation levels were implemented for control and monitoring of the switchgears and auxiliaries. HMI control panels are installed directly at the 10 kV switchgear.

SPRECON-V460 acts as the local control station for the plant. Usually the substation is centrally monitored and telecontrolled at the substation Nord or the power distribution board.

In spring 2008, the first bays were put into operation. In the middle of 2009, the project was completed by telecontrol retrofit for the 110 kV switchgear and connection of the remaining 10 kV bays of the new switchgear.

The new 10 kV switchgear (78 bays) is one of the largest cubicle arrays of the distribution grid of Wien Energie, which primarily supplies the 19th Vienna district of Döbling. The 10 kV switchgear is additionally supplied by the hydroelectric power plant of Nussdorf.


Station control with SPRECON-V460
Station control with SPRECON-V460