Low Voltage Main Distribution (400 V) for the Power Grid Control of Austrian Power Grid AG


Power Grid Control (photo: APG)
SCADA (photo: APG)

In 2009, the Austrian Power Grid AG (APG) started operation of its new control center "Power Grid Control", seated in the south east of Vienna. The SCADA system, which concentrates and processes all relevant nation-wide grid data, acts as the nerve center for Austrian power transmission:

  • Coordination, planning and administration of 100,000 electricity transports per year
  • Management of grid operations in the high and extra-high voltage grids of Austrian Power Grid AG
  • Load flow optimisation
  • Congestion management
  • Coordination of disconnections for maintenance and inspection
  • Telecontrol of substations and switching stations

Due to the international exchange of electricity within the liberalised European electricity market, the activities of Austrian Power Grid AG extend well beyond national frontiers.

For the new "Power Grid Control", Sprecher Automation delivered the main low voltage distribution system consisting of:

  • SPREPOWER LV switchgear (25 bays indoor and outdoor)
  • Automatic switching
  • Process data acquisition and serial transfer to the control system
  • Voltage regulation
  • On-site installation and cable works
  • Commissioning
  • Engineering and documentation

The switchgear is supplied via withdrawable circuit-breakers (2,500 A). All outgoing feeders are designed as fully withdrawable units.

The busbar is designed without base points for arc fault protection according to VDE 0660 (Chapter 508).

The auxiliary system can be tele-controlled and tele-monitored by SPRECON-E bay computers. All commands, responses, alarms and measured-values are processed by the SPRECON control system and transferred to the control center via IEC 60870-5-104.

Switchgear documentation was created with Ruplan® 4.6 EVU-Modul.


SPREPOWER LV main distribution (400 V)

Switchgear type:
SPREPOWER LV main distribution

Year of manufacture:

Operation voltage (Ue):
400 V / 50 Hz

Control voltage:
220 VDC

Rated current (In):
2,500 A

Rated short-time withstand current (Icw):
80 kA / 1 s (100 kA / 0.1 s)

IP30 / IP55

Ambient temperature:
-30 to +40°C

Standards and regulations:
EN 60 439-1, VDE0660