Primary & Secondary Systems for the Substation West (IKB)


Medium voltage switchgear (double busbar) with control and protection systems

Electric power has to be supplied in the most secure, reliable and economic way. As a guarantor for this mission, the Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG (IKB, Austrian utility in Tyrol) has emphasised on renewing and reinforcement of its power grid.

The replacement of the 50 years old substation “Umspannwerk West” therefore acted as one of the basic investments in this matter.


Primary and automation technology as a turnkey solution

By the end of 2004, the energy station expert Sprecher Automation (Linz, Austria) received the order for the complete 10 kV switchgear including control and protection systems as well as the overall process visualisation of the system. The switchgear was handed-over to the customer only eight months after project start. Since then, the supply of the districts such as Hötting, Hötting West, Mariahilf, Sadrach and Kranebitten had been consecutively taken over by the new switchgear.

The Umspannwerk West is fed via the 25 kV grid of the IKB AG. Electric power, which is mainly generated by hydro-electric power plants during summer, is supplied to the consumers within the shortest possible distance.


Excess pressure lead-off to the outer wall of the building
SPRECON-E one-boxes and protection devices with one control panel

The system concept of the 10 kV switchgear

Modern switchgear concept

The system concept of the 10 kV switchgear

Sprecher Automation particularly scored wth its flexibility in realising the customer‘s innovative, efficient and economic system concept.

The 10 kV switchgear (model SPREPOWER-MV-M2-DSS) is equipped with two outgoing feeders for each circuit-breaker. Each feeder can be connected separately by a switch-disconnector.

In the event of a cable failure, supply can be reestablished through integrated automatic reclosing within seconds.

SPREPOWER-MV-M2-DSS is designed as a double busbar switchgear with metallic enclosure which also refers to the double outgoing feeders.

The metallic partition plates divide the switchgear into several compartments such as busbars, bus selector switch-disconnectors as well as circuit-breaker including transformers and cable sealing ends.

This modern design leads to the highest possible security and safety level in terms of operation, earth quakes and personnel. Furthermore, the switchgear is equipped with vacuum circuitbreakers. The internal fault concept acts as a specific project highlight. The switchgear is equipped with an integrated pressure release duct. In the event of an internal fault, excess pressure is directly led off to the outer wall of the switchgear building.

The switchgear was successfully tested against EN 62271-200 (including internal faults). Beside primary technology, Sprecher Automation also provided the overall control and protection systems including process visualisation based on its internationally approved SPRECON (SPREcher CONtrol) technology.

details 1


The 10 kV-switchgear consists of following cubicles:

  • 12 double outgoing feeders = 24 feeders
  • 3 transformers
  • 2 bus sectionalisers with measurements
  • 2 bus couplers

    Rated currents:

    • Busbar: 2,500 A
    • Outgoing feeders: 800/630 A
    • Transformers: 2,500 A
    • Bus sectionalisers and couplers: 2,500 A


    Rated short-time current: 31,5 kA; 1 s


    details 2

    Station level
    At station level (SPRECON-E station computer system), all system-related logic functions (switchgear interlocking, automatisms, etc.), process data management and process data archiving are handled. The station level, which is superior to the decentralised SPRECON-E-P devices (one-boxes for control and protection), is designed as hot-redundant in order to guarantee highestlevel security, reliability and availability. Beside connection to the existing control center, the system‘s interfaces also allow serial connections to partial systems of different manufacturers (25 kV grid). Due to the modularity of the station level, future extensions can be easily implemented.

    Bay level
    For the bay level, Sprecher Automation implemented its SPRECON-E-P control and protection systems (one-box solutions), which guarantee protection of the electric equipment by simultaneously controlling and monitoring the system.

    All process and device information is indicated on a fullgraphical colour display at the front of the switchgear doors. The free-configurable LEDs allow additional signalling and alarming. Intuitive and clear user guidance through the various menus and pages is given by control keys, which furthermore facilitate simple and quick setting of the extensive protection and control functions.

    Each double outgoing feeder cubicle contains a one-box solution and an extra protection device by using only one LC display. This unique solution allows most comfortable operation of both protection components and the control system. As a specific highlight of the SPRECON one-box solutions, the protection and control components are clearly separated, which refers to the seperated firmwares, processes and settings. If one component fails, the other component is therefore still in operation without restrictions, which is also applied for component-related re-loading of configuration data.


    Process visualisation
    The SPRECON-V VDU-based workstation with full-graphical process imaging provides simple and secure central operating of the system. The process visualisation features archiving functions for events, alarms and faults, measured value indication as well as reporting and hardcopy functions.

    Beside system overview, station overview, online support and online-help function, the operating personnel is also provided details on the 25 kV and 10 kV system parts as well as a detailed transformer visualisation for control and monitoring tasks.


    SPRECON-V workstation: transformers



    UD DI Dr. Alfons Sillaber
    Manager of the Power Grid Division
    Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG

    DI Roland Tiwald
    Power Grid Division Management
    Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG