SCADA and Medium Voltage Switchgear with Secondary Systems for the Stadtwerke Schwaz (Municipal Utility)


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SCADA retrofit and a new 10 kV switchgear with control and protection systems

The municipal utility of Schwaz (Tyrol, Austria) supplies electricity to Schwaz and its surroundings. Also, it operates drinking water supply and sewage disposal.

As an experienced partner, Sprecher Automation received the order for a new control center and a new MV switchgear.

overview 2

The Tyrolean utility operates 4 substations, 130 transformer stations, 3 hydroelectric power plants, several drinking water treatment plants with fountains as well as sewage treatment plants. The power plants have a capacity of 11.3 MW.

All supply and disposal networks are monitored at the control center of the municipal utility of Schwaz. In 2008 the decision was made to install a new state-of-the-art control center.

Sprecher‘s long-term experience and its modern and flexible SPRECON-V460 control center system finally convinced the decision makers.

The complete MV power grid (25/10/5kV) monitored by world picture function including all local networks (10/0.4 kV)


System retrofit

SCADA retrofit and a new 10 kV switchgear with control and protection systems

System retrofit

As first step, the existing control center for the supply areas of power and drinking water was replaced by the new SPRECON-V460. All remote terminal units are now connected to the new redundant control center systems via SPRECON-E-C gateways according to the IEC 60870-5-104 standard. Sprecher Automation also provided new SPRECON-E-C RTUs.

Furthermore, all power plant stations were visualised and connected via a power plant server by means of multiclient functionality of the SPRECON-V460 control center.

The complete system contains 10,800 data points, 4,200 of them are produced by remote control systems.

Due to the optimal cooperation between the municipal utility of Schwaz and Sprecher Automation, the system renewal could be accomplished smoothly and quickly.

All process data was veryfied most efficiently and expeditiously.

By October 2009, the municipal utility of Schwaz had started full operation of all water and power supply systems with the new control center system.


Overview of the drinking water supply with reservoirs and fountains
Detail picture of water supply: reservoirs with various measured-values, trends, levels and water consumption
Medium voltage grid, substations and power plant infeeding
Online trend of load, power plant output and external infeeding fo the TIWAG power grid

The new 10 kV switchgear


The new 10 kV switchgear

The excellent cooperation resulted in a follow-up project. Sprecher Automation also received the order of a new 10 kV switchgear for the hydroelectric power plant of Vomperbach Oberstufe.

The new SPREPOWER MV-M6 single busbar switchgear including SPRECON-E control and protection systems was delivered and commissioned by the beginning of 2011.

All SPRECON-E control and protection devices were connected to the new SPRECON-V460 control center system via IEC 60870-5-104.