Extension of the 110 kV Switchgear at the Substation Deutschlandsberg of STEWEAG-STEG

110 kV switchgear at the substation Deutschlandsberg

Energie Steiermark AG is the fourth largest power utility in Austria which focusses on electricity, gas, heating and residual waste recycling. The group consists of:

  • Steirische Gas-Wärme GmbH
  • Pichler Werke PW Stromversorgungs GmbH
  • ENAGES Energie- und Abfallverwertungs-GmbH


For the substation Deutschlandsberg, Sprecher Automation conducted the following extension works of the 110 kV switchgear:

  • Additional transformer bay including busbar extension
  • Installation and documentation of the 110 kV switching devices
  • Integration of protection systems (cabinet) and a 20 kV earth fault neutralizer including busbar extension

The (conventional) 110 kV double busbar switchgear is designed for high short-circuit capacities (40 kA).

Sprecher's service range (from planning and project management to commissioning) also covered:

  • Location diagram
  • Short-circuit and conductive continuity calculations
  • Force diagram for steel construction
  • Earthing plans
  • Cable laying, stranding and piping plans
  • Circuit and terminal diagrams

The substation Deutschlandsberg started operation in September 2009.