Low Voltage Main Distribution Switchgear (500 V) for Chemical Production Plant of Wacker Chemie AG


500 V main distribution for chemical production plant

Wacker – technology leader in the chemical and semiconductor industries – is a global player with 16,300 employees and an annual turnover of 4.75 billion € (2010).

The Burghausen site, which is the largest chemical site in Bavaria (close to the Austrian border), employs approximately 10,000 people. More than 3,000 different products are manufactured there – from silicone and binder materials for construction industries to polysilicon and hyperpure silicon wafers. The plant produces over 800,000 tons of products per year and consumes approximately 2.7 billion kWh (2010).

For the Burghausen plant, Sprecher Automation delivered, installed and commissioned a new 500 V switchgear for main distribution with 17 feeder and coupling bays.

The new SPREPOWER LV switchgear consists of three busbar sections, which are connected via coupling circuit-breakers. The coupling connection contains approved busbar systems. Each busbar section is supplied via a withdrawable circuit-breaker.

Each load feeder with withdrawable circuit-breakers and fuse switch-disconnectors is additionally equipped with a 3-phase current measurement and a calibrated power meter. The meters can be easily read via a serial interface.

Isolation faults regarding supply cabling and load feeders are monitored by a central earth-fault locating system.

The complete SPREPOWER LV switchgear is monitored and selectively protected by the ARCON® internal arc protection system.

Load feeders with fuse blocks up to 630 A


Switchgear type:
SPREPOWER LV main distribution switchgear

Year of manufacture:

Operating voltage (Ue):
500 V / 50 Hz

Control voltage:
220/24 VDC

Rated current (In):
3,200 A

Rated short-time withstand current (Icw):
80 kA / 1 s (100 kA / 0.1 s)


Standards and regulations:
EN 60 439-1, VDE0660