Automation Technology and Building Installation for the General Hospital of Linz


Highest security by application of modern automation technologies

As a focal point with a central hospital role, the general hospital of Linz acts as an important part of the Upper Austrian health-care system especially focused on the urban area.

Moreover, the hospital has been leading the way toward a diversity of medical fields of activities.

By the end of 1999, Sprecher Automation received the order for the overall 400/230 V heavy current installation as well as building system automation. This implied general lighting, emergency lighting and the helicopter base for the newly constructed “building D”, which is divided into the departments of “Pneumology”, “Neurology and Psychiatry” and the “Institute of Pathology”.


For this particular project, the following products and services were provided by Sprecher Automation:

  • LV distribution center
  • Lighting and electric power distribution for the general and the medical area of the application group 1 and 2 (ÖVE EN7)
  • Control, alarm and monitoring boards
  • Installation of the cable routes including cable routes with integrated functional endurance
  • Complete lighting system
  • Complete emergency lighting system
  • Equipotential bonding, earthing, lightning protection
  • Exterior lighting system
  • Installation of the helicopter base
  • Cable installation and terminal connection works


Installation works also included the planning of:

  • 50 lighting and electric power distributors
  • 19 control boards
  • Approx. 15,000 m infeeding cables
  • Approx. 15,300 m cables with functional endurance E30/E90
  • Approx. 175,000 m cables and lines
  • Approx. 37,500 m tubes
  • Approx. 1,000 m aluminium sill-type trunking
  • Approx. 4,000 m cable cups
  • Approx. 5,900 switches and outlets
  • Approx. 3,160 luminaires


Low voltage switchgear
Cable ducts and infrastructural installations

Power supply

Highest security by application of modern automation technology

Power supply

Electric power is supplied from the 10 kV supply system of the Linz AG via three transformers each at 1,000 kVA.

The short-circuit-proof LV-based cabling between transformers and infeeders of the LV main distribution board is placed at the inserted floor. The LV main distribution board is withdrawable-unit designed in order to facilitate replacement of defective fusegears and switching device.

All parts of the lighting system, the outlet circuits and all medically relevant devices are supplied by an uninterruptable emergency power system. This guarantees high supply security especially regarding life-supporting measures.

The output power of the emergency generating set is 400 kVA, whereas the output power of the supporting emergency generating set is 150 kVA. Due to security reasons, the supply of the emergency power system is designed as redundant.

Changeover switching between the infeeds is performed automatically. Manual switching is also supported.

All storey distributors and sub-distributors are fed by the general supply system or emergency supply system, which is also controlled by automatic changeover switching.

general lightning

General lightning

The lighting system fully complies with all general and technical requirements regarding illuminance and environmental conditions (i.e. laboratory area).

Main emphasis was generally put on energy-saving lighting with electronic controlgears.

Clean room luminaires were installed for the departments of endoscopy and pathology. Switching can be accomplished either locally via pushbuttons and controllers or via the superior control system.


Emergency lightning system

The complete building is equipped with an emergency lighting system according to ÖVE-EN2. The central battery station consists of a central station with a battery cabinet and four substations.

Approximately 580 emergency luminaires with floated battery and stand-by circuit are supplied.

In order to facilitate fault clearance the following features were integrated:

  • Separated monitoring of luminaires
  • Battery circuit monitoring
  • Inspection and test log book memory
  • Printer-based logging
  • Fault signalling and alarming to the control system


Helicopter base

Due to the breakup of the old building 18/F, a new helicopter base had to be erected.

This helicopter base is illuminated by eight flood lights which point from the edge of the base towards its center.

Additionally, obstruction lightings were installed on top of the Upper Austrian Gebietskrankenkasse (local public carrier for health/social insurance) and on top of the buildings A and C.

The flood lights as well as the lighting of the corridor to the bed elevator can be activated via radio from the helicopter or from the emergency room in building B. Additionally, the lights can be operated via the respective distribution board.

The obstruction lighting is activated with a photo-electric lighting controller.

The know-how of Sprecher’s engineers gained from decades of experience guaranteed professional consultancy and project management in the areas of infrastructure systems and building system automation.

Either for energy supply such as high, medium and low voltage switchgears or building installations, lighting, fire alarm, lightning protection and safety - Sprecher Automation provides and installs all required systems.