Telecontrol System for Gas Grid (Netz Niederösterreich GmbH - EVN Gruppe)

In recent years, Sprecher Automation has received several orders from Netz Niederösterreich GmbH (EVN Group, Lower Austria) containing automation systems for the southern and western gas pipelines (ʺSüdschieneʺ and ʺWestschieneʺ). All SPRECON-E-C automation devices are connected to the EVN gas control center in Maria Enzersdorf via IEC 60870-5-104 LAN.

The southern gas pipeline ʺSüdschieneʺ between Gänserndorf and Semmering (120 km) acts as major pillar for gas supply security in Austria.

With the western gas pipeline ʺWestschieneʺ, Netz Niederösterreich GmbH realises the largest gas pipeline project in its history. It runs from Auersthal to the measuring and transfer station of Kronstorf, which adds up to a distance 185 km. For this important nodal point, Sprecher Automation has been commissioned for another project: a redundant automation system with SPRECON-E-C control devices and SPRECON-V460 process visualisation for control and monitoring of the complete station. To the SPRECON system, all gas-related devices are connected via Modbus such as regulators, volume converters and gas chromatographs.

The Kronstorf station measures and regulates gas transportation and acts as an interface between the gas grid of Netz Niederösterreich GmbH and the grid of Oberösterreichische Ferngas AG (Upper Austria).

The retro-fit station is dimensioned for gas pressures up to 70 bar and volumes up to 750,000 standard cubic metres per hour with 3 measuring and regulation lines. Each line consists of 2 volume metering units in definitive series. 2 lines are equipped with ultrasonic and turbine meters, the other one with 2 ultrasonic meters. The measuring lines automatically activate or deactivate depending on flow rate, pressure, utilisation level, counter settings, rated values (volume/pressure) as well as possible faults.

After gas-related engineering and retrofit works, Kronstorf will be put into full operation by the middle of 2014.

Gas pipeline and deposit in Austria (Source: E-Control GmbH)