SCADA and Telecontrol for Traction Power Supply of the Mariazellerbahn (NÖVOG)

Visualisation: Station St. Pölten
Visualisation: System overview

NÖVOG (Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisationsgesellschaft mbH, Lower Austria) is one of the most important railway companies in Austria. In 2013, Sprecher Automation received the order consisting of SCADA and telecontrol systems for the Mariazellerbahn.

The Mariazellerbahn is an electric narrow-gauge mountain railway which connects St. Pölten (captialcapital of Lower Austria) with Mariazell (Styrian pilgrimage site). In 2010, NÖVOG became the railway’s owner and operator.

SPRECON-E-C RTUs control the complete traction power supply including railway switch heating stations and other important components. In addition, SPRECON-E-T3 compact modules are applied as a backup system based on GPRS communication. All substations are double-networked.

The complete railway network of the Mariazellerbahn is controlled and monitored with a redundant SPRECON-V460 SCADA.

The implementation of the project is planned in two steps. The first part for the telecontrol components has been successfully tested and accepted in September 2013. The second part will follow in December 2013. The complete system will be commissioned in 2014.