Telecontrol System for ÖBB Railway

Control devices and remote terminal units for railway substations
Remote terminal units for lighting and railway point heating
Control devices and remote terminal units for train pre-heating

Cost-efficient, reliable and safe rail operation is vital for the success of the Austrian railway group ÖBB.

Sprecher Automation's telecontrol systems play a strong role in supporting this goal. The SPRECON devices monitor the complex and widely distributed railway systems. Also, they optimise overall power consumption. The SPRECON remote control units quickly identify and locate failures and therefore allow immediate and targeted measures in order to guarantee full system availability.

Therefore, delays and further system failures can be reduced which results in lower operational costs.

The SPRECON remote terminal units have been well-proven over the years for railways. They feature:

  • Remote control of power plants and inverter stations as well as substations in railway networks
  • Remote control of overhead line switches as well as coupling points along the railway and in railway stations
  • Automation of railway point heating
  • Automation of train pre-heating
  • Remote control of platform lighting
  • Remote maintenance of moving staircases, ticket machines,
    air conditioning sytems and other rail systems

Since the beginning of 2010, Sprecher Automation has been providing SPRECON telecontrol technology for various ÖBB railway systems.