SCADA and Automation System for Water Supply and Sewage Treatment for TAWEG


Neudeck water plant

In the south east of Thuringia, TAWEG supplies 40,000 people with water – an area of approximately 20,000 ha. TAWEG is also responsible for sewage treatment. Its drinking water grid is 450 km long, the waste water grid almost reaches 260 km.

The topographic situation with an altitude difference of more than 150 m acts as a significant challenge for water supply and sewage treatment for the city of Greiz and surroundings. It therefore requires several supply zones with 15 water towers, 4 water plants, 16 sewage treatment plants and 17 wastewater pump stations as well as various aids.

For control and monitoring of its supply systems, TAWEG installed automation systems of Sprecher Automation. The complete project management as well as commissioning was carried out by TAWEG personnel.

Communication with the control system is based on a cable network. Communication between the several stations works via a broadband radio system.



Control and monitoring cubicle for the Neudeck water plant

Until August 2011 the following systems had been realised:

Control and monitoring system

TAWEG's water supply and sewage treatment is centrally monitored by a SPRECON-V460 SCADA. Because the control room is not permanently occupied, alarms are automatically sent as SMS notifications.

The integrated Web server supports dial-up to the control center featuring all possible operations. This full mobile operability (i.e. fault localisation, switching operations etc.) allows quick and effective reacting to various system conditions.

Central control and regulation tasks are carried out by and integrated software-based PLC for the overall service area. Furthermore, TAWEG's operating personnel is supported by state-of-the-art archiving functions, trends and reporting functions for analyses.

Automation of the Neudeck water plant

The Neudeck water plant supplies 4 towns with 500 m³ of drinking water per day. The complete automation for the plant is based on the multifunctional SPRECON-E platform:

  • Control of the Neudeck deep-well
  • Control of water treatment
  • Control of filter flushing
  • Monitoring of water quality and metering
  • Control of the local display board
  • Local control via SPRECON-E-CP control panels
  • IEC 60870-5-104 interface to the SPRECON-V460 control center for telecontrol and monitoring
  • Connection of the Reudnitz water tower via broadband radio

The high flexibility of the SPRECON platform led to a specifically individually adapted solution that cost-effectively meets TAWEG's demands. The platform therefore allows easy future system extensions and adaptions.

Automation of the wastewater pump station "Am Brand"

The wastewater pump station "Am Brand" bridges an altitude difference of approximately 25 m by performing an output of 14.4 m³/h. Control and monitoring of this pump station was realized with Sprecher's compact automation modules SPRECON-E-T3:

  • Control and monitoring of wastewater pumps
  • Operation and control via control panel
  • IEC 60870-5-104 interface to the SPRECON-V460 control center for telecontrol and monitoring

The compact design of the SPRECON-E-T3 modules allows installation of the devices into standard cubicles. The SPRECON-E-CP control panel acts as significant feature to TAWEG. The service engineers can operate via their own compact SPRECON control panels with colour displays. Therefore, no additional displays or standard panels are necessary at the plant.

TAWEG is already planning future projects for the improvement of water supply and sewage treatment in terms of meeting future quantities and quality standards. With its cost-effective automation solutions, Sprecher Automation acts as an ideal partner especially concerning IT security. Integrating VPN encryption into the devices saves costs that would have to be invested for external VPN routers.