SCADA and RTUs for Traction Power Supply System (Wiener Lokalbahnen)

Photo: Wiener Lokalbahnen

The joint-stock company „Wiener Lokalbahnen Aktiengesellschaft“ (WLB) was founded 1888 and provides public transport services in the area of Vienna as well as rail cargo transport in Austria and Europe.

WLB’s main facility is the commuter train line from Vienna to the city of Baden, approx. 30 km south of Vienna. WLB operates 38 trains on a double track line with electric traction.

For an economical and reliable operation of the train line, a continuous monitoring and control of the infeed stations is essential.

In January 2013, Sprecher Automation has been awarded for the supply of the new network control system including Remote terminal units located in the rectifier stations.

In the control center in Wiener Neudorf, a redundant SPRECON-V460 with three workplaces will be installed. An additional emergency workplace will be installed in the carriage shed in Baden. The operator workplaces will present world-pictures of the entire traction system with automatic line colouring as well as detailed screens for the operation of the infeed stations.

In each of the 10 rectifier stations there is one SPRECON-E-T3 compact RTU for monitoring and controlling of the switchgears (10 kV AC; 1,000 V DC) and the rectifiers.These RTUs also control the overhead line disconnectors along the railway.The SPRECON-E-T3 RTUs communicate with the control center via the fibre-optic TCP/IP network (IEC 60870-5-104) of the Wiener Lokalbahnen.

The system was successfully finished and delivered in the second half of 2013.