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SPREBOX DA - Compact Control Cubicles for Smart and Secure Distribution Grid Operation


The steady increase in decentralised infeeders leads to highly complex structures of medium and low voltage grids. Continuous exceedings of limit values as well as undesired operating states are the result which must be instantly detected by grid control in order to take appropriate countermeasures.

For the fast and secure transmission of current grid data, smart and secure automation and communication units are therefore required for the timely monitoring and control of the equipment and
system statuses.

SPREBOX DA control cabinets have been especially developed for area-wide roll-out, easy assembly and fast remote updates (e.g. via web browser). 


Secure Grid Operation

The compact SPREBOX DA cubicles, in metal or plastic housings, fulfil all typical automation, protection
and communication tasks in distribution grids with multiple application possibilities:

  • Control and protection of local substations
  • Control and protection of regenerative infeeders (feed-in management)
  • Telecontrol for electricity, water, gas, traffic and transport

SPRECON automation and protection devices act as the core of the boxes. They are used to create optimum solutions for the respective application in terms of both technology and cost-effectiveness.
SPRECON offers comprehensive functions for the collection of the relevant grid data as well as for grid status control, specifically for distribution automation.

Hence the systems take over decentralised management tasks to relieve the SCADA level. SPRECON has been designed for applications in critical infrastructures and offers comprehensive functions
and mechanisms for secure communication.

SPRECON as well as the business processes of Sprecher Automation are qualified for future certifications in the energy industry.



The concept of SPREBOX DA is based on “plug & play”. Thus medium voltage bays and measuring modules are simply connected via standardised industrial connectors.

In addition to LAN cabling, the mobile radio standards 3G, 4G or LTE are offered for wireless communication, as required. An optional dual SIM operation prevents communication failures here.

SPREBOX DA can be password-protected and IT-securely configured and diagnosed via a web browser, and provides comprehensive verification of the PPP connection.


Securely Supplied

SPREBOX DA systems are equipped with smart, uninterruptible power supply units as standard. The UPS (uninterrupted power supply) supplies all installed components as well as the switch drives
in the event of a power supply failure. The battery cells for buffer operation can be adapted as required. The VdS-certified UPS can be parametrised and operated by software. The long-life batteries are monitored via configurable smart battery management and the temperature sensors.


Security Gateway

With the security gateway, Sprecher Automation offers a cost-effective option for retrofitting existing systems to meet current IT security standards. In this case, the existing systems can be further operated in the substations, since only the communication equipment is exchanged.

All future specifications regarding the IT security of remote connections, such as new encryption methods, only require an update of the security gateway.

Based on the Defense-in-Depth principle, SPRECON provides end-to-end security and encryption driven by the CPU. All SPRECON devices are equipped with an integrated firewall, which is anchored directly in the firmware.

User authentication is carried out directly at the connection component or at the end point, even with local access to the device.