SPRECON Automation Devices

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Automation platform for power utilities, industries and municipal utilities

Nowadays, modern control and telecontrol systems are vital for secure control and monitoring of energy, municipal and industrial processes. Depending on the various application fields, control devices have to meet different requirements regarding:

  • Input / output volumes
  • Process connection
  • Environmental conditions (i.e. electro-magnetic compatibility)
  • Logical functions
  • Communication and transmission technologies

The SPRECON-E devices are based on a homogenous and comprehensive platform concerning hardware, data structures, communication, logical functions as well as engineering and maintenance. SPRECON-E can be applied close to the process due to its high robustness and high electro-magnetic compatibility of its hardware.

Because of the wide range of functions and different available rack sizes, SPRECON-E solutions can be easily and quickly adapted to various application fields.

The devices consist of a basic frame (rack, power supply, CPU), application-dependent I/O modules and, as an option, a detachable HMI control panel.

By combination of different pluggable modules, the devices can be individually assembled in order to meet particular requirements. All functions can be separately configured whereas system parameterisation is distinguished from device-specific settings. Showing a high scalability range, the devices are applied as automation, protection and remote control units for all types of plants and utilities. Through their modular design SPRECON-E devices can be used as station computers, bay computers, remote terminal units as well as as gateways and other automation devices.

A high-performance and manufacturer-independent CPU acts as the core of the process-oriented hardware. The CPU module provides most secure interfaces to the process and to the communication network. "Open interfaces" allow connections to sub-systems (i.e. protection devices, control devices etc.) of SPRECON-E or of other manufacturers via proprietary protocols.



For Sprecher Automation, IT security plays a significant role. Therefore, great attention is paid to this particular topic within the SPRECON-E platform.

SPRECON-E devices are equipped with specific network functions such as SNMP V3, NTP, Quality of Service (QoS), VLAN according to IEEE802.1q, routing and IP aliasing.

In order to adapt to application-specific security standards (i.e. BDWE whitepaper), network services can be individually configured or deactivated. Also a firewall is integrated into the devices. Protocols like SSL, IPsec and OpenVPN can be additionally used for encrypted data transmission.

Device operation

SPRECON-E-CP control panel and SPRECON-E-AP alarm panel
Examples of local visualisation: withdrawal double busbar, alarm list, automatic switching and diagnosis (I/O monitor)

Device operation

To each SPRECON-E device a full-graphical (monochrome or colour) control panel can be connected for local operation, bay operation or central operation of a specific plant section.

Beside configurable bay pictures (switching devices, measured-values, etc.), which can be designed with a comfortable editor, the SPRECON control panel also provides event and alarm lists as well as I/O monitoring.

Pictures and parameterisation data is stored in the SPRECON-E device and automatically loaded into the control panel when connected.

As an alternative or in addition to the HMI control panel, Sprecher Automation also offers an alarm panel with up to 100 configurable LEDs.

Possible combinations per SPRECON-E device:

  • 1 control panel + 1 alarm panel
  • 1 control panel + 1 control panel

Furthermore, Sprecher Automation provides conventional panels also.