Local HMI

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To each SPRECON-E device a full-graphical (monochrome or colour) control panel can be connected for local operation, bay operation or central operation of a specific plant section.

Beside configurable bay pictures (switching devices, measured-values, etc.), which can be designed with a comfortable editor, the SPRECON control panel also provides event and alarm lists as well as I/O monitoring.

Pictures and parameterisation data is stored in the SPRECON-E device and automatically loaded into the control panel when connected.

The detachable control panel can be mounted in a maximum distance of 15 m to the control unit.

As an alternative or in addition to the HMI control panel, Sprecher Automation also offers an alarm panel with up to 100 configurable LEDs.

Possible HMI combinations per SPRECON-E device:

  • 1 control panel + 1 alarm panel
  • 1 alarm panel + 1 alarm panel

Sprecher Automation also offers conventional control consoles such as mimics etc.