SPRECON Protection Devices

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Product series SPRECON-E-P D..4/D..6-1/D..6-2

The digital SPRECON protection devices SPRECON-E-P D..4, SPRECON-E-P D..6-1 and the combined protection and control devices SPRECON-E-P D..6-2 are used for protection of power lines, cables, transformers and motors. The devices have been developed for all significant grid and neutral-point connections at high and medium voltage levels.

SPRECON-E-P series:

  • Protection devices
  • Combined protection and control devices
  • Dual-powered protection devices
  • Directional earth fault protection device (transient-based)
  • Capacity release unit

The SPRECON-E-P D..6-2 devices are one-box solutions for protection and control, which allow protection of primary equipment by simultaneously accomplishing control and monitoring functions in electric power systems.
They feature a clear separation of control and protection which allows either combined or separated operation of control and protection functions:

  • Separated data models
  • Separated control and protection firmware
  • Separated control and protection configuration
  • Separated passwords

The devices are distinguished by their modular design and highest flexibility and scalability. Due to the consequent platform-approach, all modules of the SPRECON-E devices can be used.

Standard protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104) as well as proprietary protocols allow communication between different control systems.

All products can be controlled and configured with Sprecher’s user-friendly protection software SPRECON-E COMM-3.

Configuration example of a medium voltage switchgear with combined protection and control devices