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Netzleitsystem SPRECON-V460

With its scalability, SPRECON-V460 provides a user-oriented, efficient and open interface between operators and processes. It is specially designed for municipal utilities and industrial companies.

Using the distributed, multi-hierarchical server concept with multiclients, it is possible to distribute the control system functionalities across process hierarchies and/or supply lines. This concept enables clear responsibilities in engineering as well as the process-oriented processing of data. This approach also supports entirely new concepts for the implementation of redundancy requirements, such as circular redundancy with task distribution across multiple servers.

In addition to the standard communication protocols IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-104, SPRECON-V460 offers more than 150 protocols in the fields of industrial automation and building control systems. It can also be used as a process gateway or protocol converter. The ICCP / TASE.2 protocol is also available for communication with other control systems.

The monitor layout and operating concepts can be easily adapted to the individual needs of the respective operator so that each operator is assigned a functionality optimised for their job.

The network control system is characterised by effective engineering with consistent object orientation and easy integration into heterogeneous infrastructures. SPRECON-V460 supports distributed configuration and individual expandability, for example via the integration of VBA or VSTA .NET applications. Icon libraries and sophisticated substitute functions at all parameterisation levels enable the fast and largely error-free creation of process images.

SPRECON-V460 is well-suited for migrating old network control systems and proximate controls thanks to open engineering interfaces with VBA or VSTA .NET support. Sprecher Automation has developed its own wizards for automated data transfer with the aim of avoiding a complete bit test as far as possible. Several SICAM 230 and SAT250 have already been successfully migrated.

SPRECON-V460 meets all IT security requirements that are essential for use in critical infrastructure.


Basic functionalities

SPRECON-V460 is characterised by the following basic functions.

  • Flexible operating concept
  • "World picture" display with zooming, panning and decluttering
  • Secure command initiation with time-out
  • User administration and access protection
  • Hierarchical picture alarming
  • Topological colouring for power grids and grid-bound media
  • Acknowledgeable state list (ASL)
  • Spontaneous/cyclic archiving of process data
  • Integrated reporting and industrial performance Analyser
  • Integrated IEC 61131-3-compliant control
  • Cascaded archives with cumulation functions (Sum, Max, Mini, Average)
  • Trend with analysis function
  • Netzwork-compatibility, redundancy
  • Unicode-based online-language switching with language tables
  • Microsoft® Office interface (CSV, SQL, HTML, XML, COM, etc.)
  • Online-Help
  • Diagnosis viewer, protocoll analysis
  • SQL server interface for archive data
  • Communication gateway functions
  • Azure gateway for connection to the Microsoft® Cloud
  • Message Control


SCADA functionalities

In addition to the classic SCADA functionalities, SPRECON-V460 offers the following high-quality functions for secure network management.

  • Multi-hierarchical and distributed control center concept
  • “World picture” display with zooming, panning and decluttering
  • Production and process scheduler
  • Automatic alarming of standby service
  • Topological command interlocking
  • SNMP-based network manager
  • Web server (monitoring and control)
  • Fault detection (earth fault and short-circuit)
  • Process simulation and recorder
  • Switching sequences & simulation
  • Load flow calculations
  • State estimator
  • Load management
  • GIS Editor and Control
  • Feed-In management (EEG and BDEW Kaskade)

Critical Infrastructure

SPRECON-V460 is optimised for use in the field of critical infrastructure.

  • Separation of editor and runtime
  • File signature
  • Strong encryption of communication between server, standby server and clients in the network and in communication with web clients
  • Authentication: only authenticated clients receive access to a server
  • IPv6 support in the core system. Redundancy and tools support IPv6-enabled networks
  • OPC-UA: client and server support certificates and user authentication
  • User administration: complete active directory support
  • Encrypted passwords in the runtime and the editor
  • SPRECON-V460 software runs in the user context of a standard user
  • Start as a service without GUI
  • Clients can be run on the terminal server
  • Change history and project back-up