Low Voltage Switchgears

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SPREPOWER LV Low voltage distribution board
Automatic switching with SPRECON-E control system
Automatic switching for station-service distribution: SPRECON-E-C

Low voltage distribution boards and motor control center

Already in former years, “Sprecher” had been associated with high-quality and absolutely reliable low voltage switchgear solutions. Since decades, Sprecher Automation has been developing LV switchgears and distribution boards for auxiliary services in power utilities as well as for power supply and distribution in various industries.

Sprecher LV switchgears guarantee easy expandability of existing equipment whereas expenditures are limited by the actual system extensions. The various switchgear models are based on a modular and flexible component system.

Project management, detailed and overall planning, assembling, installation and final tests are all accomplished by Sprecher Automation. Beside of turnkey systems, Sprecher also offers on-site installation, commissioning as well as maintenance and service works.

Product range

  •  Main distribution boards for industries and power utilities
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Motor control centers
  • Frequency converter systems
  • Infrastructure distribution boards
  • Power factor correction systems
  • Distribution boards for DC systems
  • Transformer stations
  • Busbar trunking systems
  • System extensions and retrofit
  • Switchgear monitoring and automation systems (SPRECON-E)
  • Intelligent bus technology-based motor components
  • Automatic change-over switch systems


Modern power distribution - Highest availability and security

Sprecher offers low voltage switchgear solutions for various applications – from fixed mounting to full insert technology.

The following systems can be optionally combined:

  • Circuit-breaker system/main distribution switchgear
  • Switch-disconnector HRC-fuse
  • Plug-in design
  • Fully withdrawable MCC system
  • Various special solutions (i. e. automatic switching)
Power factor correction
Frequency converter system

General technical data

Rated operational voltage Ue 690 V AC
Rted busbar current Ie up to 6300 A back-side, optionally top or bottom
Rated short-time withstand current Icw up to 120 kAeff
Internal partitioning form 1 to 4b
Degree protection IP 30/IP 31/IP 54
Colour RAL 7035 structure, other colours as options
Mounting wall mounting, back-to-back or free standing
Standard type-tested LV switchgear and controlgear assembly (TT) according to IEC 61439
Dimensions width 400-1200 mm, height 2000/2200 mm, depth 600/800 mm


Incoming and outgoing feeders

Outgoing feeders up to 630 A

Motor starters and moduled-case circuit-breaker

Motor starters and power supply