SPREPOWER LV - Switch-disconnectors

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Outgoing feeders up to 630 A

The horizontally mounted disconnectors are inserted in incoming circuit. This allows easy and quick retrofit by simultaneously sustaining operation.

Highest flexibility

  • Sizes from NH00 to NH3
  • Up to 27 disconnectors per cubicle
  • Width of cable terminal compartment: 400/600 mm
  • Cable entry from bottom or top
  • Disconnector types: JEAN-MÜLLER® SASIL® or EATON® SS(K)L
  • Individual measurement modules
  • Possible extensions with special compartments


Highest safety level

  • Operator safety through separated compartments
    • Busbar compartment
    • Device compartment
    • Cabel terminal compartment/flat-bar terminal compartment
  • Shock-proof busbar
  • Lockable rotary operating mechanism
  • Double-break feature for replacement of energised disconnectors
  • Protection against internal faults: ARCON® (optional)