Medium Voltage Switchgears

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Generator Switchgears up to 17.5 kV

Air-Insulated, Single Busbar or Duplex

Air-Insulated, Single Busbar

Air-Insulated, Single Busbar

Switchgears for Distribution Substation up to 40.5 kV

Air-Insulated, Single Busbar or Duplex

Single Busbar

Switchgears for Distribution Substations up to 24 KV

Air-Insulated, Single Busbar or Duplex

Air-Insulated, Single Busbar

Air-insulated, Single Busbar

Air-Insulated, Single Busbar or Duplex

Air-Insulated, Double Busbar

Compact Switchgears up to 24 kV, air-insulated

Single Busbar

Traction Power Switchgears 16.7 Hz

Air-Insulated, Single Busbar


Medium voltage switchgears

Already in former years, “Sprecher” had been associated with high-quality and reliable MV switchgear solutions. The cooperation between Sprecher Automation and ELATEC (Germany) brings the MV switchgear engineering back into the traditional premises in Linz (Upper Austria).

Together with its modern and reliable SPRECON control and protection systems (SPREcher CONtrol), Sprecher is back as the turnkey system provider including factory-assembled MV switchgears.

All MV switchgears provided by Sprecher Automation are based on a highly modular and flexible standardised system. The switchgear components are provided by ELATEC. Sprecher Automation offers project management, overall and detailed planning, assembly, final assembly and final inspection as well as testing. Beside ready-made delivery, Sprecher also provides on-site installation, commissioning as well as service and maintenance.


SPREPOWER Primary technology

    • Metal-enclosed, compartmented and factory-built MV switchgears as standard or customer-specific solutions
    • Transformer stations
    • Furnace switchgears
    • Upgrading of existing switchgears in accordance with respective standards
    • Extensions of existing switchgears of other manufacturers
    • Substitution of switching devices

    SPRECON Secondary systems

    • Conventional and digital secondary systems
    • Station control systems
    • Remote control systems
    • Protection systems
    • One-box solutions for combined control and protection
    • Customer-specific user interfaces and modes
    • Arc monitoring systems
    • Temperature monitoring


      Main-features of SPREPOWER

        • Air-insulated, minimised use of plastic material
        • Highest personnel safety
        • Compatible devices of different manufacturers
        • Air-insulated or SF6 circuit-breakers and power contactors
        • Fixed mounting and withdrawable-unit design
        • Motorised and remote-controlled switching device drives
        • Standardised metering transformers
        • Integrated, type-tested pressure release ducts


        SPREPOWER MV switchgears are developed and type-tested according to the following standards:

        • EN 62 271-200
          Metal closed switchgears > 1 < 52 kV
        • EN 62 271-100
          Circuit breaker
        • EN 62 271-102
          Disconnectors and earthing switches
        • EN 60 044-1
          Current transformers
        • EN 60 044-2
          Voltage transformers
        • EN 62 271-1
          Common specifications
        • EN 60 529
          Degrees of protection provided by enclosures
        • EN 50 110-1
          Operation of electrical installations


        Design characteristics

        The modular cubicles consist of high-quality zinc-plated steel sheets with bolts or rivets. The cubicle doors and the side covers are powder-coated. Folded edges lead to a distortionresistant, self-supporting and pressure-proof construction.

        Adjacent cubicles are separated by the two side walls and by air gaps. The switchgear front can be opened either from the right or left side at approximately 165°.



        Circuit diagrams are designed with ELCAD®, EPLAN® or RUPLAN® in their current/updated releases. As an option, documentation can also be provided with different CAE systems. All layouts and drawings are designed with AutoCAD®.



        • Motor drives for all switching devices
        • Type-tested pressure release duct with release flaps for discharging gas from internal faults to atmosphere
        • Capacitive voltage indication
        • Additional mechanical and electromagnetic interlocking for device drives, front doors, etc.
        • Partial insulation of busbars and nodal point covers
        • Control wire identification
        • Specific dimensions (i. e. bay width)
        • Arc monitoring systems (optical or pressure sensors)
        • Special accessories such as lifting trucks for withdrawable circuit breakers