On-Site Installation

Sprecher Automation's wide range of products and services for power supply and industries requires a top-educated and experienced installation team for erection, cabling, connection and testing of the delivered devices and systems at site.

These services are offered for Sprecher products and for delivered products of other manufacturers.



  • Competent installation of delivered devices and systems
  • Cable routing (i.e. trays, pipes etc.)
  • Laying of heavy current cables as well as installation of busbars
  • Laying of control cables as well as data lines including optical fibres
  • Cable sealing ends up to 110 kV
  • Connection to transformers, distribution boards, drives and consumers
  • Lightning protection, potential and earhting systems
  • Building installation with building technologies (i.e. EIB bus etc.)
  • Special lighting systems
  • Modification and retrofit works
  • Installation monitoring (supervisory)