Power System Automation


Automation platform for power systems -
New plants and modernisation (retrofit)

SPRECON-E is the result of our long-term experience in the areas of power system engineering and automation. With its wide range of application fields - from traditional energy stations to smart grids - SPRECON-E acts as a uniform and process independent automation platform for the following main application areas:

  • Station control
  • Power system protection
  • Telecontrol
  • Power plant control

Electric power supply applications

  • Extra-high, high and medium voltage switchgears as well as distribution systems
  • Power plants (i.e. caloric, hydroelectric, helioelectric, wind, etc.)
  • Traction power supply
  • Industrial networks

Municipal applications

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sewage
  • Gas and oil
  • District heating

Application-specific data transmission paths allow "open" communication at the highest possible security level. The consequent modular hardware and software design results in standardised as well as customer-specific solutions and facilitates step-wise realisation of automation systems of different characteristics as well as functional ranges.

Autonomous systems and devices of other manufacturers can be easily integrated into SPRECON-E. Beside standard protocols such as IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5 also proprietary protocols are supported.

System Architecture

System architecture

A SPRECON-V460 HMI workstation allows comfortable, secure and clear operation of the power system. The application areas of this multi-client visualisation system range from mobile operating such as local HMI panels, notebooks or smartphones to HMI workstations and superior SCADA systems for supply grids by supporting redundant designs.

For local device operation, the SPRECON-E platform provides a full-graphical HMI control panel, which can be either directly attached to a device or mounted within a few meters’ distance.

The system level (i.e. station level with central station control units/station computer or gateways), which is superior to the decentralised levels, can be also designed as a redundant system.

The SPRECON-E station computer is based on modular hardware design and features:

  • Application-specific hardware
  • Software for
    • Application-specific functions such as switchgear interlocking, automatics, regulators (i.e. voltage regulator), logics, etc.
    • Process data management
    • Process data archiving
    • Logging
    • Local and remote communication

For local as well as for remote operation via modem/network or Web, the SPRECON-E service computer features:

  • System maintenance, configuration and parameterisation
  • Automated data transmission (mass storage) and evaluation
  • Secure system acces


Data is processed by device-oriented, bay-oriented or central-oriented hardware (SPRECON-E-C/-P/-T3).

Standard protocols such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101, -103 and -104 allow high-speed and secure communication as well as data transmission to superior levels (i.e. SCADA). SPRECON-E also supports a high number of proprietary
communication protocols.

Application Examples