Scalable control center system SPRECON-V460

SPRECON-V460 meets all demands of modern control center systems concerning monitoring and evaluation of processes in the areas of power generation, transmission and distribution.

A multitude of functions and application possibilities are available due to consistent integration of international standards and technologies, the synergetic effects between energy economies and industrial applications as well as continuous development of the process visualisation system.

The SPRECON-V460 Editor allows comfortable engineering and maintenance of visualisation projects regarding various process levels. The user benefits especially from the true continuity of the system.

SPRECON-V460 facilitates process visualisations of all possible ranges:

  • Local HMI panels
  • HMI workstations at station control level, machine control level or local power plant control systems 
  • Hot-stand-by, multi-hierarchical SCADA systems for various grids and network structures

Application areas

Electric power supply

  • Extra high, high and medium voltage switchgears and distribution systems
  • Various power plants (i.e. thermal, hydro-electric, wind, photovoltaic, etc.)
  • Traction power supply
  • Industrial netzworks
  • Smart grids

Municipal utilities

  • Electricity
  • Water and sewage
  • Gas and oil
  • District heating
  • Traffic


SPRECON-V460 provides a multitude of functions for indicating process information

  • Change in colour, element movements, display of text and numbers
  • Text and bitmap buttons, switches or combo/list boxes
  • Bar graphs, multifunction controls, numerical values, dynamic text display and pointer instrument for best possible display of values
  • Programmable ActiveX® controls for individual solutions
  • Freely adjustable vector elements such as circles, rectangles, lines, etc. and freely definable fonts, colours and various 3D display settings
  • Libraries with predefined switch symbols as well as completely preconfigured bays of energy stations


Flexible operating concept

The following operating concepts are available for the SPRECON-V460 runtime system:

  • Operating windows
  • Context menus
  • Main menus
  • Smart icons
  • Drag & drop
  • Zooming, panning and decluttering
  • Multi-window and multi-monitor
  • Full touch-screen operation


In the areas of HMI and process visualisation, Sprecher Automation has put the main emphasis on the design of the graphical user interface – especially on user guidance, general usability as well as on the design of the various functions.

SPRECON-V460 provides a wide range of graphical design elements for sophisticated process pictures, which accurately display the current conditions at any time. The system guarantees just-in-time alarming of critical process conditions.


Basic functions

  • Flexible operating concept
  • World picture display with zooming, panning and decluttering
  • Secure command initiation with time-out
  • User administration and access protection
  • Hierarchical picture alarming
  • Topological colouring
  • Chronological Event List (CEL)
  • Acknowledgeable State List (ASL)
  • Spontaneous/cyclic archiving of process data
  • Integrated reporting
  • Integrated IEC 61131-3-compliant control
  • Cascades achrive with cumulation functions (sum, max, min, average, etc.)
  • Trend display with analytic functions
  • Network-compatibility and redundancy
  • Unicode-based online language switching with language table
  • Microsoft Office® interfaces (CSV, SQL, HTML, XML, COM, etc.)
  • Online help
  • Diagnostics viewer, protocol analysis


SCADA functions

  • Multi-hierarchical and distributed control center concept
  • “World picture” display with zooming, panning and decluttering
  • Production and process scheduler
  • Automatic alarming of standby service (message control)
  • Topological colouring with command interlocking
  • SNMP-based network manager
  • Web server (monitoring and control)
  • Fault detection (earth fault and short-circuit)
  • Process simulation
  • Peak load forecast for electric power and gas
Application Examples