Processes in industries and municipal utilities must be controlled at the highest possible precision level. Reactions within fractions of seconds as well as multiple parallel processes demand sophisticated control systems with optimal adaption to the specific requirements.

Sprecher Automation provides a wide range of technologies for optimal and secure process automation as well as power supply for various branches.

For certain branches, Sprecher Automation offers specifically developed automation packages, hardware components as well as application software for swift realisations.

Control Level

Control level

For the various industrial areas, Sprecher Automation provides control centers for control systems which are based on Sprecher products or on products of other manufactureres (system integration).

Sprecher control centers range from stand-alone systems to redundant and distributed client-server solutions with connection to the existing IT system (i.e. ERP)

Components of process control systems are operating and monitoring systems, indication and registration systems as well as alarming and production data acquisition systems.

With decades of industrial project experience, Sprecher Automation provides customer-oriented and optimised automation solutions clearly structured and focused user interfaces (GUI) by taking into account different possible approaches.

Sprecher process control systems are based on either Windows® or LINUX®.


Process control systems

Sprecher Automation applies the following process control systems:

  • SPRECON®-V (Sprecher Automation)
  • WinCC® (Flexible), WinCC® Open Architecture (former PVSS II)
  • RSView®
  • InTouch®


Modernisation (retrofit) of process control systems

Beside other features, modern control systems provide comprehensive functionalities and comfortable engineering and maintenance tools in consideration of ergonomic aspects.

The integrated operator control and monitoring systems (HMI) of former installed process control technology do not meet these demands anymore.

Whereas I/O hardware in process environment is still acceptable and also available at the market, hardware and software modules have a short life cycle.

Consequently, modernisations of the process control levels can mostly be achieved by replacement of the complete process control system only. Usually, this also involves the replacement of the I/O hardware in process environment which may still be sound.

The highly developed process control systems of Sprecher Automation allow the replacement of older process visualisation systems by maintaining the existing control hardware.

Process level

Process level

Sprecher Automation develops, applies and delivers all required process-related control systems for various branches as central or distributed solutions — from machine control to highly available and sound process control solutions, based on:

  • SPRECON® (Sprecher Automation)
  • SIMATIC® S5/S7
  • Allen Bradley® SLC-500, PLC-5, ControlLogix®, MicroLogix®
  • B&R® control systems

Power supply

Power supply

Sprecher Automation provides complete power supply solutions (turnkey or partial) for industries which cover high, medium and low voltage (SPREPOWER) as well as secondary systems (SPRECON automation systems and SPRECON protection systems).

Documentation is customer-oriented and may be created with one of the following systems:

  • ACAD®
  • ELCAD®
  • EPLAN® 5.7, EPLAN® P8
  • ECSCAD®, etc.
Application Examples