Automation of Pulp and Paper Industries


The paper industry acts as an important part of the value-added chain "forest-wood-paper". (Groundwood) pulp is a vital to paper production. 90 % of world-wide pulp is made of wood.

Automation projects in the paper industry cover the complete treatment process from pulp to paper storage, logistics and shipping. Beside control technology for the several plant sections and machines, material handling and transportation between plant section act as major challenges.

Highest system availability within a 24 hrs process, precise collection and monitoring of process and system data together with targeted information for preventive maintenance tasks are decisive factors for automation of paper plants.

Visualisation of a pulper (overview)
Visualisation of pulp logistics (qualities)

Turnkey solutions

Process control

For process visualisation, Sprecher Automation provides local HMI stations as well as superior control centers. Complete plants are controlled and monitored by visualisation software, that optimally meets customer requirements. The system also supports redundant client-server solutions.

Existing plant components can be easily integrated into the new system. Sprecher's process control also allows connection to existing IT systems via open interfaces.

The control hardware (PLC) and software, which is placed in the control cubicles, acts as the interface to the process.


Major automation areas

  • Pulp treatment
  • Waste paper treatment
  • Recycling of waste materials
  • Paper transportation and logistics


Power supply

With the product series SPREPOWER and SPRECON-E, Sprecher Automation provides all required low, medium and high voltage switchgears including secondary systems for automation and protection. This power supply package is completed by network calculations, building infrastructure and (building of) containers, retrofit as well as necessary maintenance and other service works.

Application Examples