SPRETIMB - Automation of Wood Industry


Wood comprises a huge spectrum of processing methods which have been developed and advanced through the millennia. Traditional methods such as carving still exist. Sawmills however have developed into high-tech centers.

Sprecher Automation has played a decisive part in making this happen with customer-specific products and services for modern wood processing.

With SPRETIMB, Sprecher Automation provides a complete solution as well as individual partial solutions for sawmills.

The product covers all sections of sawmills from logs to ready-made boards, which includes:

  • Automation of log sorting
  • Automation of sawlines and edgers
  • Automation of timer sorting and packeting
  • Automation of secondary industries


SPRESCAN Scanner systems

With SPRESCAN, Sprecher Automation provides a series of sensors and scanner systems for measurement and evaluation of diameter, contour, length, width, thickness, wane, moisture and other wood qualities. Decades of experience show that applying these measuring devices leads to a major increase in value and yield.

Turnkey solutions

Sprecher Automation has gained wide experience in the modernisation and automation of sawmills through the decades. This results in an outstanding process know-how which is to be integrated into the whole system conception. Beside automation, SPRETIMB also covers heavy-current engineering and drive engineering.

Complete e-package: automation, scanners and power supply

Turnkey solutions 2

Latest technological developments are directly used for innovations. In co-operative formulation of concepts, our customers derive much benefit from our extensive consultancy and professional competence as a turnkey solution provider.

The application of standard components and modular hardware and software designs results in a high quality standard, which implies quick and easy installations and services.

Our customers therefore profit from system availability and ease of operation at the highest possible level.


Master control level and process visualisation

The master control acts as the head of the system hierarchy. Machine-related data processing and real-time control are carried out by specific computer systems. Additionally, all relevant manufacturing data is collected, analysed and transferred to the IT system. The whole sawmill can be controlled and monitored with a customised visualisation software which also allows logging of all the relevant data.


Sensors und scanner systems

SPRESCAN contains multiple sensors and scanner systems for logs and timber. Sprecher Automation also offers noncontact moisture meters, which are based on the principle of capacitance measurement. Decades of experience proved that the sensors and scanner systems lead to a higher exploitation of raw material.


Control level

The control level covers the control hardware and software for the whole process, which can be organised either centralised or decentralised. Thus, SPRECON acts as the interface to the process. The system can be easily expanded due to its modular structure (easy to service). Furthermore, cable routes are simplified by decentralisation whereas networking through optical fibres additionally provides a higher immunity against interferences.


Power supply

With the product series SPREPOWER and SPRECON-E, Sprecher Automation provides all required low, medium and high voltage switchgears including secondary systems for automation and protection. This power supply package is completed by network calculations, building infrastructure and (building of) containers, retrofit as well as necessary maintenance and other service works.

The SPRETIMB system architecture in detail – a sawmill network
Application Examples