SPRETIMB Log Sorting


SPRETIMB with all its components is applied to the entire sawmill. The different package configurations depend on the specific sawmill sections.

For "log sorting" section, Sprecher Automation provides systems for production optimisation and log registration. Additionally, data acquisition can be recorded for legal matters.

The process of log sorting can be monitored and controlled by use of specific consoles. Ergonomically designed working areas lead to less fatigue and more concentration power.



  • Precise log measurement according to valid (calibration) regulations
  • Data recording and logging of consignment and shift protocols, production time etc.
  • Umfangreiche aktuelle Produktions- und Anlagenzustandsinformationen
  • Comprehensive on-time production and plant condition information
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Remote maintenance
  • 24 hrs service



  • Austrian standards approval
  • PTB approval (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany)
  • FVA approval (Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
  • VMK approval (Virkesmätning kontroll, Sweden)


Visualisation of debarking

LOG CONTROL - Automated log manipulation and monitoring

With LOG CONTROL, Sprecher Automation offers a highly developed electronical control, indication and logging system for log sorting and manipulation. The solution can be easily adapted to various customer requirements.


System components

  • Software package for log sorting and log manipulation
  • Control console for log evaluation
  • Master computer for log sorting and log manipulation
  • SPRECON utilisation computer

Application fields

  • Log manipulation for (high-speed) plants of all performance levels
  • Automated log sorting
  • Automated trimming
  • Automated quality assignment based on measured values and assigned qualities


LOG CONTROL features creation and modification of sorting programs, parameterisation of automated quality shifting as well as parameterisation of quality assignment. Furthermore, the system collects consignment-specific data, log data, manual inputs and deadtimes and stores it as a PDF file.


LOG CONTROL Control console

The control console is located in the control room of the log yard and acts as the central control station:

  • Free configuration of the console
  • Value assignments such as qualities, wood species, mark-downs, etc.
  • Operating facilities for control systems (start, stop, pressure changing, etc.)
Log view

LOG CONTROL Software package

LOG CONTROL offers a multitude of functionalities for log sorting and log manipulation:

  • Configurable quality classes including graphical indication of filling rates
  • Single log view with length, top diameter, sweep, tapering, etc.
  • Continuous indication of cubature, pieces, linear meter, average half-height diameter of the complete consignment, etc.
  • Visualisation of log sorting, log infeed, log conveying, debarking, etc.
  • Multiple reporting as for consignment, shift, no-load operation, production (by day, month or year) and boxes (by assortment or box)
  • Monitoring and management of conveying sections
  • Management of sorting programs
  • Management of plant, sorting and registering parameters for daily business activities


LOG CONTROL also features a bidirectional interface to the existing IT system via CSV files or directly (i. e. access to vendor data). Moreover, the system can be remote-controlled.


SPRECON real-time computer

SPRECON Utilisation computer

The SPRECON utilisation computer serves for collection of measured values from the measuring systems (quality, length, diameter, tapering, wood species, etc.) and for log tracking.

Highest data security and reliability were two of the main objectives for the development of the SPRECON utilisation computer.

Data is transferred between the PLCs via the computer and binary or Ethernet interfaces containing information such as conveying clearance etc. The SPRECON utilisation computer also manages speed optimisation for ejecting logs into their corresponding boxes.

Furthermore, it stores all relevant measurement and registration data of each log into the master control computer of the log yard.


    True shape and sweep measurement of logs

  • Data base-oriented log photographing systems