High-performance sawline
Side board optimisation

Decades of experience and best practice gained from largescale projects lead to fully developed control systems, which are especially adapted to the wood industries. This implies optimised sequences of machine motions in consideration of the continuity of the manufacturing process.

Integrated data connection to the superior master control level as well as to feeding and transporting production plants can be applied to sawing lines and edgers like in all other sections.

Sprecher Automation provides electric and electronic turnkey solutions — from main power distribution to scanner and (process) control systems.



  • Log measurement and model contour optimisation (MCO)
  • Log rotation regarding cutting pattern, ovality and sweep
  • Cutting pattern creation and management
  • Angle optimisation of rotation machine
  • Side board optimisation towards dimension, quality and position
  • Data recording and logging of cutting, shift protocols and production time, etc.
  • Circulation with combined log and model scanner
  • Log measurment for transverse conveying
  • Just-in-time data (comprehensive information about production and plant state)
  • Infinitely variable feeding with speed-optimised sequences
  • Speed-optimised tool drive for constant chipping quality
  • Continuous log tracking and system data management at the same time
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Teleservice
  • 24 hrs service


SAW CONTROL - Automated sawline control and monitoring

With SAW CONTROL, Sprecher Automation offers a highly developed electronical control and monitoring system for sawlines. The solution can be easily adapted to various customer requirements.

System components

  • Software package for cutting pattern creation and management
  • Software package for visualisation and control with integrated parameter management for PLC systems in the following process chain
  • Software package for production data acquisition and data logging
  • Hard- and software package for log / model measurement and optimisation systems
  • Master control with connection to existing IT systems and PLC control systems
  • Teleservice for all PCs and PLC systems

Application fields

  • Sawlines of all different types (chipping lines, bandsaws, circulary sawing etc.)

SAW CONTROL Software packages

Log rotation

Log rotation aims at yield maximisation, which is preceded by process simulations. Depending on the various machines, the optimum rotation angle is calculated from log sweep, ovality or virtual sawing along the log contour, which is defined by the cutting pattern.

  • Sweep: sweep direction is infinitely adjustable
  • Ovality: ovality direction can be secified
  • Rotation according to cutting pattern: the virtual log contour is sawn according to cutting pattern, which leads to an optimal rotation angle for yield maximiation — with focus on the main boards

After calculcation of the optimal rotation angle, rotation is simulated. Spiked rollers catch the log and swivel it. After rotation the the log is swiveled back. This process is precisely visualised and simulated by the optimisation system, which leads to highest rotation accuracy.

Model optimisation

Model optimisation aims at yield maximisation of the side boards. Measurement data of SPRESCAN 3D-L are therefore processed by a specifically developed algorithm for evaluation of edges, which results in a wireframe model of the log.

Side board optimisation

Side board optimisation defines the process, where required products (which are distinguished by dimension, quality and price) are virtually integrated into the wireframe model.

Cutting patterns

  • Creation and management of cutting patterns with regards to mechanic properties of the various machines
  • Monitoring of production limits already during cutting pattern creation
  • Calculation of axis positioning for PLC control systems
  • Calculation of saw components assembling (for manual positioning)
  • Creation and managment of cutting patterns for multiple workstations

Plant visualisation and control

  • Target and actual value indication of axis positions, power consumption of tool drives, light barrier conditions, valves, etc.
  • Control and operation components for control of axis, drives, etc.
  • Fault and operation indication with integrated archives
  • Management of PLC times and parameters with data backup at a PC

Production data acquisition and logging

  • Collection of all measured cutting data (concentration and single objects)
  • Collection of all production-relevant results such as start/end of cutting and shift, idling, deadtimes with explanations, fault indication, etc.
  • Creation of customer-specific shift and cutting reports, report hardcopy and data transfer to existing IT system



SAW CONTROL is a superior control and optimisation systems, which can be connected to any network-compatible PLC system. As an option, SAW CONTROL can also communicate with several PLCs.



Sprecher Automation also offers a complete PLC system including power supply like MCC, low voltage main distribution, medium voltage distribution as well as system installation:

  • Infinitely variable feeding control with speed-optimised sequences
  • Speed-optimised tool drives for constant chipping quality
  • Continuous log tracking with synchronous data storage
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Teleservice

    True shape and sweep measurement of logs