SPRETIMB Wood Post-Processing (Secondary Industries)


SPRETIMB covers all customisable automation and measurement components for secondary industries (wood post-processing), which guarantees an optimised process flow.



  • Wide range of measuring systems for longitudinal and transverse conveying
  • Just-in-time data (comprehensive information about production and plant state)
  • Optimised sequences of machine motions in consideration of the continuity of the manufacturing process
  • Open system architecture for automatic quality detection systems in the future
  • High-performance packeting systems
  • Continuous data connection to the superior master control level and to feeding and transporting systems as well as to storage logistics
  • Continuous and interactive system visualisation
  • Global integration of control, drive and servo engineering
  • SPRECON real-time computer for all time-critical tasks such as trimmer control, speed-optimised flap control etc. for conveying speeds up to 250 boards per minute
  • Teleservice
  • 24 hrs serivce


Especially for the area of wood post-processing, Sprecher Automation offers a highly developed electronic measuring and control system. PLANER CONTROL includes all essential electronic measuring, control and data processing components for automatic timber processing systems.


PLANER CONTROL - Automated timber manipulation and monitoring

With PLANER CONTROL Sprecher Automation offers a highly developed electronic control and monitoring system especially for the areas of timber sorting and timber packaging. PLANER CONTROL can be easily adapted to specific customer requirements.

System components

  • Software package for sorting, packaging and package manipulation
  • Master controls as user interfaces and for system visualisations
  • SPRECON utilisation computer

Application fields

  • Timber sorting systems with horizontal bins, slanting bins and longitudinal conveying
  • Packeting and stacking systems
  • Fully automated batten laying
  • Packet conveying with fully automated hooping

PLANER CONTROL features creation and modification of sorting programs as well as reporting. Furthermore, parameters of the active sorting program can be changed during full system operation.


PLANER CONTROL Software package

The software package sufficiently covers all necessary control and monitoring tasks of the overall timber production – from the sawing line to the ready-made package.

PLANER CONTROL offers a multitude of functionalities for the manipulation of timber sorting and packeting:

  • Configurable quality assignment tables separating main boards from side boards
  • Different combinations of virtual bins (boxes)
  • Bin assignment: precocious alarming on full assortments, deletion of bin data, bin locking
  • Single board analysis
  • Continuous displaying of cubatures as well as production progress
  • Visualisation of timber conveying and timber sorting
  • Graphical indication of bin loading proportions
  • Packet manipulation
  • Multiple reporting as for shifts, downtime, no-load operation, cutting, etc.
  • Multiple statistics for pieces and qualities with graphical indication
  • Normal distribution graphics for board dimensions
  • Administration of system parameters
  • Production data analyses: overview statistics, just-in-time production information, periodical reports, etc.

Furthermore, PLANER CONTROL offers a variety of service functions as for instance preselection of measurements or system remote control.

The system also features transfer of production data to the superior IT system (i. e. via CSV files).

SPRECON Echtzeit-Steuerrechner

SPRECON Utilisation computer

The SPRECON utilitsation computer serves for collection of measured values from the measuring systems (quality, length, width, thickness, wane etc.) and for board tracking with identification of the relevant box numbers. Quality optimisation of sawn timber is accomplished through trimmer control.

Optimisation of real-time processing as well as highest data security and reliability were two of the main objectives for the development of the SPRECON utilisation computer.

Data is transferred between the PLCs via the computer and binary or Ethernet interfaces containing information such as delivery, bin status, packet properties, strapping, etc.

The SPRECON utilisation computer manages speed optimisation for ejections of the boards into the corresponding bins. Furthermore, it stores all relevant measurement and registration data of each board into the sorting master control.

Unloading is also controlled by the SPRECON computer, whereas three modes can be selected: “automatic”, “manual” and “according to priorities”.