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Training Center

School acts as an institution for off-the-job education. In comparison, training aims at gaining job-specific skills. The Sprecher Training Center provides basic knowledge by meeting job-specific training needs.

Through modern training techniques, customers gain all necessary skills for planning, operating and maintenance works concerning automation systems of Sprecher Automation. Intensive and practical training results in the following benefits for our customers:

  • High self-reliance and independence in operating as well as in possible extension works
  • Minimising downtimes by professional trouble shooting

Training Center

Product specific training

  • SPRECON-E: Integrated automation systems for the power industry
    • Station control
    • Telecontrol
    • Power system protection
  • SPRECON-V: Plant and process visualisation
  • SPREPOWER: Switchgears
  • SPRESCAN: Sensor technology and scanner systems for wood industries


General technical training

  • Basic technical training for automation technicians
  • Trainings for networked process communication
  • Trainings for essential standards of automation technology
  • Trainings for operating systems and maintenance


According to individual learning styles and the requirements of praxis, the Sprecher Training Center offers differenttraining techniques which are selected or prepared individually for each customer.

Modular Lecture
The “classical” lecture provides basic knowledge without practical exercises.

Modular Training with Practival Exercises
After a theoretical lecture, the gained knowledge will be deepened with exercise examples.

Project-Specific Workshops
Unlike standard trainings, workshops focus on customer-specific solutions, which are prepared individually.

On-Site Training
This training technique may contain practical exercises at customers’ plants or lectures at customers premises.

Project Coaching
After completing the training programme, parameterisation skills for automation systems can be practically enforced by professional coaches.

Beside conventional training environments, Sprecher Automation also offers “virtual classrooms” which
allow mobile training sessions. If a “live connection” cannot be set up, video tutorials or web content are be
provided separately.

  • Web seminar
    Trainees are directly connected to their coach via the Internet. This acts as a bidirectional communication like in a conventional training environment. The training content is displayed on the screen and the participants communicate via headsets.
  • Video tutorial
    In addition to product documentations, the Training Center also offers video tutorials where GUI activities (i.e. parameter loading) can be recorded and played for tutorial matters.

Individual Training Programme
Individual training programmes are specifically designed for persons who are in charge of human resource
development and have to plan job-related trainings (i.e. for service technicians in the automation field).

Training plans

The Sprecher Training Center basically recommends an individually prepared „technique mix“ for training plans. As an example, the programme starts with web seminars that communicate theoretical basics in short lessons. The next task will be a classroom training or a practically oriented training (simulation).

Eventually, participants will be trained by facing realistic conditions in a workshop. Furthermore, project coaching or web seminars help to solve individual or project-specific issues. The Sprecher Training Center publishes specific certificates that  approve and engage learning progress throughout the complete range of training courses.


Training programme examples

Training programme examples
TRAINING Days Price per participant
(exkl. VAT.)
Practical exercise
all Trainings are in English
General product-specific Trainings
SPRECON-E Basic Training 1 € 420.00 No
SPRECON-E Service 2 € 840.00 Yes
SPRECON-E Designer 2 € 840.00 Yes
SPRECON-E PLC-Designer 2 € 840.00 Yes
SPRECON-E-P-Engineering 2 € 840.00 Yes
SPRECON-V460 Operation & Configuration 5 € 2,100.00 Yes
General Training
Introduction to Automation Technology for Energy Stations 2 € 840.00 No
Introduction to Protection Technology 2 € 840.00 No
Introduction to Switchgear Technology 2 € 840.00 No
Networks in Automation Technology 2 € 1.040.00 No
IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 basics and practical Training 2 € 840.00 Yes
IEC 61850 basics and practical Training 2 € 840,00 Yes
Train the Sprecher Trainer 2 € 840.00 Yes
IT Security Basics 2 € 520.00 No
IT Security Standards & Norms 1 € 520.00 No
IT Security - Hardening of SPRECON-E 2 € 1,040.00 Yes
IT Security - Hardening of SPRECON-V460 2 € 1,040.00 Yes
Secure Energy Networks 1 € 520.00 No
IT Security Test & Penetration 1,5 € 780.00 Yes
IT Security Workshop 1 € 2,500.00 Yes
Individual Training
Workshop Day 1 € 2,100.00 Yes
SCME Certification 1 € 420.00 Yes
SCSE Certification 1 € 420.00 Yes
SCSP Certification 1 € 420.00 Yes
SCTR Certification 1 € 420.00 Yes


The Sprecher Training Center offers specifically developed certificates for  approval of theoretical and practical knowledge covering all different training levels.

Why Certification?

  • Qualifying knowledge of SPRECON products
  • Improving operation skills for SPRECON devices
  • Increasing productivity
  • Decreasing of maintenance costs

Certification programme levels:
SCME – Sprecher Certified Maintenance Engineer
SCMEs are able to maintain SPRECON automation systems on their own and accomplish guided engineering tasks.

SCSE – Sprecher Certified System Engineer

SCSEs are able to solve engineering tasks for SPRECON automation systems by themselves.

SCSP – Sprecher Certified System Professional

SCSPs are able to manage sophisticated automation tasks. Additionally, they possess sufficient knowledge to deal with any SPRECON automation system and act as a project coach.

SCTR – Sprecher Certified TRainer

SCTRs are able to forward their know-how to other trainees based on the techniques and the didactic concept of the Sprecher Training Center.

How to Certificate?

The certification of the SCME consists of a theoretical and a practical exam performed with a SPRECON automation system. Preparations and exams are held at any location of the Sprecher Training Center. In order to confirm system experience (i.e. with FAT and SAT protocols), trainees may submit proofs of practical experience for reaching the second or third certification level (SCSE and SCSP). The SCTR certificate presumes participation in the “Train the trainer” seminar plus three successfully completed SPRECON product training programmes.




Brochure and Seminar Descriptions

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