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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct of Sprecher Automation GmbH and its affiliated companies (together hereinafter referred to as „Sprecher Automation“) is based on the „UN Global Compact“, the „OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises“, the „ILO Core Labour Standards“ as well as the „UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women”.

General Principles

Sprecher Automation has set itself the objective, to respect and promote sustainable profitable growth and social responsibility for the benefit of all persons, communities and markets. Compliance and implementation of the values embedded in this Code of Conduct at Sprecher Automation and along the value-added chain is of central importance for Sprecher Automation. We therefore demand also from our stakeholders (business partners, suppliers, distributors, associates etc.) to comply with, implement, promote and spread out the content of this Code of Conduct appropriately, today and in the future.

1. Human Rights

We respect and support the protection of universal human rights.

We preserve equal opportunities and equal treatment of all persons, irrespectively of their colour, race, nationality, social background, possible disabilities, sexual orientation, political or religious conviction as well as their gender or age and respect personal rights.

2. Labour Norms

We honour our social responsibility.

We have established an appropriate management system for work safety and for health protection on the workplace, which we are using and developing constantly. We take over responsibility for health and security of our staff members, we mitigate risks and provide precautionary measures against accidents and occupational diseases, at the best.

We don’t employ persons which have not reached the legal minimum age.

We recognise the right of collective bargaining, pay the legal minimum wage respectively the collectively bargained minimum wage and we adherence to the statutory maximum working hours.

We avoid situations, in which personal interests of our staff members come into conflict with interests of Sprecher Automation, to prevent conflicts of loyalties.

We respect the freedom of association. Our staff members communicate with the general managers openminded and transparent, without fear of any repressive measures, in whatever form. Our staff members have the right to associate, to join a trade union, to nominate their representative or to let themselves be elected in such an association.

3. Environment

We have established an appropriate management system for environmental protection, which we are using and developing constantly. We recognise all measures that concern us, to protect the environment, reduce environmental impacts and improve implemented measures continuously.

We maintain all relevant quality standards in the production of our products and providing our services in line with generally acknowledged state-of-the-art methods and develop our quality standards further, accordingly.

4. Business-Ethic

We recognise all norms of the private and public as well as the criminal law in order to warrant a commercial and financial responsible participation in business and a respectable and cooperative behaviour. We care for a fair and openminded discourse with our stakeholders and we work together with them on customised solutions.

We conduct ourselves fair, honest and impartial, and we don’t tolerate a behaviour, which exercise pressure, is threatening, abusive, discriminating or exploiting.

We establish behaviour patterns, which serve to keep a free and open competition.

We act autonomous, which means calculations, pricing policies, preparation of general terms and conditions, sales respectively operational activities, research- and development activities, investments, strategies and the like, are performed respectively decided independently by the units within Sprecher Automation, responsible therefore.

We don’t tolerate any form of corruption including extortion and bribery.

As requirements can change, Sprecher Automation reserves the right, to amend the Code of Conduct accordingly.